#ACT-DRS Replacement Actuator Dash Rocker Switch


Product Code: ACT-DRS

Manufacturer: KFI Products

KFI Actuator Dash Rocker Switch (Switch Only)

Kit Includes:

  • Rocker Switch Only


  • This kit includes the replacement Rocker Switch only
  • Requires #105940 to control winch
  • Circuit Type (ON)-OFF-(ON)
  • Double pole Switch. This mean two contact points instead of just one for better repeatability operation.
  • Requires Mounting hole 0.830” x 1.450” (standard on most UTV’s)
  • Works with Panel Thickness ranging from .030” to .250” thick
  • Max Current Rating: 20A 12VDC and 15A 24VDC
  • Silver Plated Terminals

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