Sno-Devil ATV Plow

KFI Sno-Devil Universal ATV Plow System

105500 Manual

The KFI 48” Sno-Devil is designed from the ground up to have all the best features in one complete simple package that will work with about 90% of ATV’s on the Market.  Our KFI ATV plow system is engineered as a Lower-Mount System that transfers the forces from plowing to your ATV’s frame where it belongs.  All KFI plow components are Powder Coated Tough for the best finish available.

Hybrid Mount System

105515 Fitment Template
105515 Plow Mount Manual

It is designed to work with 90% of the ATV’s on the market. The KFI Hybrid Mount System is a unique mounting system in the fact that it mounts to the frame just behind the wheels, instead of on the front or middle of the machine. This allows the Hybrid Mount to work with 90% of the ATV’s Old and New. This mount will work with round or square tubing frames that we do not have a model Specific plow mount for.  It is however NOT recommended to be used on any Can-Am ATV’s with the single tube Frame. It is also a great item to have on hand without having to stock multiple plow mounts to cover various machines. Please check the verified application chart for your machine fit-up. This chart is ONLY a list of verified applications and there are many ATV’s that have not been verified that range back into the 1980’s. 

Mount Fitment Chart  (click for chart)
(chart is only confirmed models, many other ATV models may work with Hybrid Mount.  If you have a confirmed ATV Model not listed please let us know so that we can update our chart)



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